Universe 3

Universe 3

ISBN: 055356580X

ISBN 13: 9780553565805

Publication Date: March 01, 1994

Publisher: Spectra

Pages: 419

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Authors: Robert Silverberg, Karen Haber, Nicholas A. DiChario, Barry N. Malzberg, David Ira Cleary, Phillip C. Jennings, Paul Di Filippo, Mark Rich, Brian W. Aldiss, Joe Haldeman, Alex Jeffers, Terry Boren, Wil McCarthy, Larry Tritten, E. Michael Blake, Jamil Nasir, Mary A. Turzillo

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Original anthology of 15 stories. Alex Jeffers's stylish tale of love and art in an alien landscape ("Composition with Barbarian and Animal") and Brian Aldiss's dark vision of the near future ("The Madonna of Futurity") highlight this showcase of 15 original sf stories by veteran and first-time authors. Fans of "classic" sf will appreciate the broad variety of styles this strong collection offers.

Introduction by Robert Silverberg;
* The Cure / Joe Haldeman;
* Composition with Barbarian and Animal / Alex Jeffers;
* Transcript of “Yandal” / Terry Boren;
* Dirtyside Down / Wil McCarthy;
* Let Me Count the Ways / Larry Tritten;
* Moths to the Blue Flame / E. Michael Blake;
* Black Memes / Jamil Nasir;
* Neezies / Mary A. Turzillo;
* The Enemies of Nickel City / Nicholas A. DiChario;
* The Only Thing You Learn / Barry N. Malzberg;
* The Pigeonhole Principle / David Ira Cleary;
* Going West / Phillip C. Jennings;
* McGregor / Paul Di Filippo;
* The Apples of Venus / Mark Rich;
* The Madonna of Futurity / Brian W. Aldiss.

Cover art by Michael David Ward

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