Satin and Steel (Riding the Line, #2)

Satin and Steel (Riding the Line, #2)

Publication Date: October, 2012

Publisher: Jayna Writes

Pages: 154

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Jayna Vixen

3.87 of 2,240

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This is Book 2 of the best selling Riding the Line series.

All Rhiannon Blake wants is to find her little sister, Mickey. Even though she knows going to a biker bar alone to search for Mickey isn't the best idea, the last thing Rhee expects is to be assaulted. Before things get too far, Dax Jamison, the sexy, tattooed vice president of the Phantoms motorcycle club comes to her rescue. But Rhee has stepped into the middle of something that is far larger than she expects. Dax insists that the Phantoms provide protection for her until he can figure out why she is being targeted by a rival crew. At first, Rhee clashes with Dax—he’s arrogant, domineering, dangerous—and taken. Will Rhee be able to resist her feelings for her rescuer? Will Dax be able to deny his attraction for the girl he’s taken in to protect?

This book contains strong language, violence, abuse, and steamy/graphic sexual scenes which some readers might find offensive. This work is intended for readers over the age of 18.

Jayna Vixen is an Amazon Bestselling Author. Let yourself be lured in…

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