Skater Sister

Skater Sister

ISBN: 0989996492

ISBN 13: 9780989996495

Publication Date: September 28, 2013

Publisher: Small Wonder Publishing

Pages: 222

Format: Paperback

Author: H.D. Marychild

4.50 of 8

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What's it like to have a famous sister-and always live in her shadow? Skater Sister tells the story of the 14-year-old younger sister of an Olympic figure skating hopeful. First romance and sibling rivalry play out against the background of the run-up to the 2014 Winter Olympics, with a dramatic ending on February 20, 2104, the day of the Ladies' Figure Skating Final in Sochi. The universal theme is the desire to be appreciated for who we are, even when we live in someone else's shadow. Heartwarming fiction for tweens, teens, and everyone who loves figure skating.

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