Tangled Vines

Tangled Vines

ISBN 13: 9781476452623

Publication Date: May 15, 2012

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Format: ebook

Author: James Aa. Keister

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there are laws in each clan that forbid the mating with a different clan than their own, but young yelps are coupling and the laws had to change. they hold a field of games with friendly competition in hopes of building an alliance of clans. the famous story teller yelp whose body has been inhabited by an entity is using the pups for her personel gain but is being watched closly by the leaders who have long suspected her. a fury fang female who is threatened on all sides, even from her own kind attempts to protect her two pups and provide for them and a brave tiny leader of the fur fang clan helps by warning the elders of the intrusion of fury fang clan within their borders thus saving four clans and becomes a hero

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