Tesseracts Ten: A Celebration of New Canadian Speculative Fiction (Tesseracts)

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20 Stunning Canadian SF short stories and poems to shock, twist and kindle your imagination...

What do Parisian buttons, nesting spiders, and men from Venus have in common? They are all part of Tesseracts Ten - the sparkling new addition to the 21 year old Tesseracts Collection.

Tesseracts Ten joins volumes One through Nine, and Tesseracts Q - forming an eleven volume anthology of Canada's best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculative Literature. Following the Tesseracts tradition of having different editors for each collection, Tesseracts Ten was compiled by two of the world's finest speculative fiction writers. What makes Tesseracts Ten special... Every story/poem is diverse and distinctive, ranging from futuristic hard core science fiction to alternative history... Stories hand picked by award winning editors Robert Charles Wilson and Edo van Belkom. Powerful new works by both well known and new Canadian speculative fiction writers. Many of the authors have won awards for previous works. Part of a long lineage of Tesseracts speculative fiction collections. Following Tesseracts Nine, edited by Nalo Hopkinson and Geoff Taylor which won the Aurora award for best works other.

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