Renna Can't Remember

Renna Can't Remember

ISBN: 1631855077

ISBN 13: 9781631855078

Publication Date: October 21, 2014

Publisher: Tate Publishing

Pages: 64

Format: Paperback

Author: Bekah Beets

4.20 of 5

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Free-spirited Princess Renna couldn't foresee what she and those who loved her would lose because of her disobedience. When tragedy strikes and she's presumed dead, she can't remember her life before being found by the Watcher. Her memory of being a princess is gone and she must learn how to live as a villager. Her parents have no heir, her true love is a beggar, and no one knows she's alive.

Lucas can't believe he let himself be distracted by her beauty, and now it's his fault that she was kidnapped and is most likely dead now. Determined to find her, he disguises himself as a beggar and goes from village to village listening to the townspeople and feeding the other beggars in exchange for information. Will he find her? Would she even know who he is?

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