Type Plus

Type Plus

ISBN 13: 9780957511460

Publisher: Unit Editions

Pages: 320

Format: Paperback

Authors: Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy, Yves Peters

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Type Plus investigates the practice of combining typography with images to increase effectiveness, potency and visual impact. Today, graphic designers use type in partnership with graphic elements in ways that turbo charge meaning and impact.

Type plus image – or images – can greatly enhance typographic expression. And letterforms themselves, when redrawn, combined, distorted, or augmented with decorative embellishments, can enhance meaning and lend emotive qualities to all kinds of typographic communication.

By focusing on a host of contemporary practitioners from around the world, Type Plus creates a picture of a new dynamism in typographic expression. The era of type as a passive, semi-invisible holder of meaning is long gone.

Book includes interviews with Non-Format, TwoPoints.Net and Erik Brandt.

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