Worth the Risk

Worth the Risk

ISBN: 1491754885

ISBN 13: 9781491754887

Publication Date: December 19, 2014

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 196

Format: Paperback

Author: Whitney Braun

5.00 of 4

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Anna Rempel is skyrocketing to the top of Toronto's corporate ladder. On the outside, Anna appears to have it all. But on the inside, she is struggling with a secret from her past that if discovered, has the potential to change lives. When her sister, Sophie, asks her to return home to Sethburn, Saskatchewan, to help her start a business, Anna reluctantly agrees-all while wondering how she can possibly revisit the place where everything fell apart years earlier.

Drake Hemming is existing one day at a time, even though he is following his passion of farming in Sethburn. What no one knows is that all his heart feels is loneliness-until he catches a glimpse of his past through his office window. Meanwhile, Anna is finding few places to hide her secret, especially from the one person who most deserves to know. As old friends build new relationships with her, Anna must face her past head on. Now only time will tell if Drake will finally learn why Anna left him, her family, and her faith all those years ago.

"Worth the Risk" is a story of love and grace as two people confront their past with hope that a brighter future awaits them.

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