Clifford and Claudia

Clifford and Claudia

Publication Date: September 26, 2015

Pages: 224

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: James Halat

3.92 of 9

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“I absolutely cannot get over the great imagination exhibited by author James Halat; and, truly, some portions of the writing - notably the weird snowstorm - were exquisite.” - Bham Ghostwriter (Amazon)

Quirky and often naked narrator/main character Charles is a self-proclaimed alien from the "Woody Vine Cluster" (seemingly many light years away from New York City) yet we learn a heck of alot more from him about Paterson, New Jersey than we do about his supposedly distant, gin-soaked home-planet.

We join the ride as Charles arrives at the doorstep of oddball pizza shop owners Clifford and Claudia, fully unprepared for what lies beyond the threshold. He starts out by sharing a bed with Clara-Belle, a cantankerous survivor of a sin soaked world, out to save mankind with a pack of Camels, a glass of scotch, and a mouth that could take the paint off a passing automobile. As the story unfolds, Charles is swept into a colorful world of surprise love, unspeakable violence, extraordinary childhoods, improbable snowfalls, and one unforgettable trip on the uptown local.

A story of elusive dreams and unwavering persistence, Clifford and Claudia rips away the veneer of social niceties to expose the vulnerabilities that fuel the over-the-top characters in this remarkable story of one young man’s savagely funny and sometimes cruel coming of age during his desperate days of life with Clifford and Claudia.

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