Well Worn Path

Well Worn Path

ISBN: 073870671X

ISBN 13: 9780738706719

Authors: Raven Grimassi, Stephanie Taylor

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A Uniquely Pagan Divination Deck...and More

Although there are many divination decks that are designed for Pagans, they still tend to rely on the symbolism of the Kabalah or other spiritual systems. Now that changes forever Grimassi and Taylor, with artist Mickie Mueller, have created a divination deck for Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans.

Because this is not just another Tarot, a special full-sized book is included with the deck. It shows how each of the deck's forty cards tell part of a story that reveals the meaning and symbolism of the cards. This makes learning them easy You'll also discover the divinatory meaning of each card. The spreads described in the book are also Pagan oriented, and are focused around the images of a cauldron, a crossroads, and a pentagram.

The Well Worn Path is also far more than just a divination deck. The book includes instructions for how to perform Solitary Pagan rituals. The only tools you need are the cards of the deck. You can literally perform a ritual anywhere, anytime, with nothing more than these cards.

The book also reveals the Pagan spiritual teaching of each card, making this the first deck that can be used as a set of "flash cards" for learning Pagan spirituality and traditions.

These cards, with the book, are a complete system. But unlike other decks, it is also an expandable system. You can add their second deck, The Hidden Path, to this deck, using them together or individually. A must for all Pagans.

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