Aleutian Sparrow

Aleutian Sparrow

ISBN: 1416903275

ISBN 13: 9781416903277

Publication Date: June 01, 2005

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Pages: 160

Format: Paperback

Authors: Karen Hesse, Evon Zerbetz, Kim McGillivray

3.75 of 576

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In June 1942, seven months after attacking Pearl Harbor, the Japanese navy invaded Alaska's Aleutian Islands. For nine thousand years the Aleut people had lived and thrived on these treeless, windswept lands. Within days of the first attack, the entire native population living west of Unimak Island was gathered up and evacuated to relocation centers in the dense forests of Alaska's Southeast.
With resilience, compassion, and humor, the Aleuts responded to the sorrows of upheaval and dislocation. This is the story of Vera, a young Aleut caught up in the turmoil of war. It chronicles her struggles to survive and to keep community and heritage intact despite harsh conditions in an alien environment.

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