Mr. Stuffins

Mr. Stuffins

ISBN: 1934506826

ISBN 13: 9781934506820

Authors: Andrew Cosby, Johanna Stokes, Axel Medellin Machain

3.52 of 75

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"My teddy bear's a secret agent!" When a scientist succeeds in creating Artifical Intelligence, he discovers to his horror that the government plans on making it a weapon. on the run, he hides the program inside a mechnical toy bear. When an unssuspecting family buys the toy bear their little boy discovers a new best friend-a cute, cuddly toy bear who's got all the moves of James Bond!  Meet Mr. Stuffins, the best battery-operated, fur-covered action hero ever! Chaos, fun, and mayhem ensue, from the creator of EUREKA Andrew Cosby and EUREKA writer  Johanna Stokes!

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