Maid-sama! Vol. 04 (Maid-sama! #4)

Maid-sama! Vol. 04 (Maid-sama! #4)

ISBN: 1427814066

ISBN 13: 9781427814067

Publication Date: April 13, 2010

Publisher: TokyoPop

Pages: 179

Format: Paperback

Author: Hiro Fujiwara

4.52 of 7,062

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The rogue hypnotist strikes again! Post-hypnosis, if Misaki sleeps, she will wake up hating Usui! Well, hating him more than usual... Usui fights to keep Misaki's rage at bay by keeping her awake as long as possible. Later, Misaki and Cafe Maid Latte take a trip to the beach. Even with Aoi along for the ride, it's all fun in the sun -- with a bit of danger and romance thrown into the mix!

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