The Complete Battlefields, Volume One

The Complete Battlefields, Volume One

ISBN: 160690079X

ISBN 13: 9781606900796

Publication Date: October 20, 2009

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Pages: 268

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Garth Ennis, John Cassaday, Gary Leach, Peter Snejbjerg, Carlos Esquerra, Russ Braun

4.18 of 129

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Late summer, 1942. As the German army smashes deep into Soviet Russia and the defenders of the Motherland retreat in disarray, a new bomber squadron arrives at a Russian forward airbase. Its crews will fly flimsy wooden biplanes on lethal night missions over German lines, risking fiery death as they fling themselves against the invader- but for these pilots, the consequences of capture will be even worse. For the pilots of the 599th Night Bomber Regiment are women. In the deadly skies of the Eastern front, they will become a legend- known, to friend and foe alike, as the Night Witches. Dynamite presents the first stories of the acclaimed Battlefields series in one massive, oversized hardcover - Night Witches, Dear Billy, and Tankies. This edition features some ever-so-slight tweaks the creators have meticulously restored, plus bonus art material including a complete cover gallery and a special look at the making of the stories.

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