The Memory Bank

The Memory Bank

ISBN: 0545210666

ISBN 13: 9780545210669

Publication Date: October 01, 2010

Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books

Pages: 288

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Carolyn Coman, Rob Shepperson

3.54 of 389

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The Memory Bank is the story of Hope Scroggins, who lives with her beloved sister Honey and the Dursley-esque parents they share. In fact these parents are SO horribly awful that one day, when the sisters disobey the rule against "no laughing", they banish Honey forever, telling Hope that she must simply "forget" her.

Hope knows that she HAS to find her sister again, before her memories of Honey fade. But before she can even begin to look, she's whisked away to the World Wide Memory Bank, where her accounts are in disarray...

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